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Cherry Blossom Maternity Session

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

"Thanks for making us look good Yoeum 😍😆 this one was one of our favs too and the cherry blossoms were the perfect backdrop. Thanks for everything and for taking the time to help us capture some special moments before our baby arrives" - Nuala

It was always a wish list of mine that I would get a mom who would love getting their maternity portraits done when the yearly Cherry Blossom arrives. These blossoms when they do arrive only lasts for just one and maybe two weeks so timing for this type of session is always a factor. With Covid restrictions the last two years, I had to cancel these sessions but thrilled that I was able to offer them this year in 2022.

I chose a Farm in Vineland to do this maternity session known for it's beautiful and large orchard the perfect backdrop for blossom sessions. When I was at the Cherry Orchard and surround by blooming Cherry trees it felt so surreal, dreamy and peaceful and I'm sure newly parents-to-be felt that as well. When there I help guide and give prompts to mom and dad which they definitely appreciated as it's hard to know how to stand and pose yourselves.

The end results are a perfect combination of natural moments and posed images.

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