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Why choose an In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session?

Newborn photography at home
Lifestyle Newborn Photography

The first few weeks with a newborn are a blur, think sleep deprivation mixed with new baby bliss (I speak from experience since I have 2 of my own).

I am thankful that my husband has taken many photos of our 2 boys when they were just born although I regret not finding a professional newborn photographer to take photos of our babies and family (life was so hectic back then). The photos that I do have remind me of cradling both my boys and smelling their newborn scent that all babies have. I understand why some moms choose an in home newborn session as apposed to a studio session. It basically captures the connection and love between a couple and their new baby and siblings and the new baby.

So I offer both baby-led Studio Newborn session and Lifestyle In-home Newborn Session but below are a few reasons why some moms prefer to have their newborn session in their homes.

Less stressful for mom

Baby usually picks up on mom's stress level so if a new mom shows signs of stress, usually has a baby that is stressed! When you choose to have this kind of photo session in your home there is little that the mom has to worry about other than tidying a few area in the home for photos; master bedroom, living room, nursery.

I don’t require my clients to do anything special to prepare for the session. There are no formal posing but simply guidance that I provide throughout the session. I will take photos of baby mostly swaddled and in mom's or dad's arms, awake or asleep. It is a very calm, relaxing, simple and natural session.

Stay comfortably at home.

In my own experience, the thought of leaving the house with a brand new baby and toddler is daunting. It is very convenient to have a photographer come to you. You don’t have to worry about packing all the necessary things when going to a studio like diapers, formula, clothes. In any situation that arises you will be home to take care of it.

The whole family can be in the session, even Grandma & Grandpa! My lifestyle newborn sessions always include both parents in the photos, but I also include siblings, grandparents and yes, even your fur babies! Because it is in your home and not in a studio there is less stressed with the perfect poses and, everyone will be more relaxed in their own environment.

Mom pictured above specifically requested an in-home session because she didn't care for the posed newborn session and her other boys were already teenagers and had little interest in a photo shoot so the home was perfect for them. Once we did some family and sibling and newborn shots the older kids were able to go back and continue what they were doing prior to the session.

Are you expecting and considering a newborn session in your home?

I would be honoured to photograph and/or film this very special time for you and your family! Please get in contact with me today to book in your in-home lifestyle newborn session.

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